Soccer: Mancini to experiment after Italy win Euro 2020 slot

TopNews. Italy coach Roberto Mancini is expected to try out some experiments when his side take on Liechtenstein away from home on Tuesday after they secured qualification for Euro 2020 with three games to spare with a 2-0 win over Greece in Rome on Saturday.


Soccer: Vialli to become Italy delegation chief

TopNews. Former Sampdoria, Juventus and Italy star Gianluca Vialli is set to become delegation chief for the Italian national side, the former Chelsea manager said Friday after getting the nod and accepting the new role.

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'Christian who doesn't accuse self isn't good Christian'

Never fall into hypocrisy says Pope

Pope Francis said in his homily at Casa Santa Marta Tuesday that Christians should never fall into hypocrisy, which was "the language of the Devil".

Move follows leak of confidential notice linked to probe

Commander of Vatican Gendarmerie resigns after leak

Move follows leak of confidential notice linked to financial probe.

May Holy Spirit grant us grace to walk together

Try new ways of mission tweets Pope on Amazon synod

Pope Francis tweeted on the Synod of Bishops on the Amazon Thursday "may the Holy Spirit, maker of fraternity, give us the grace to walk together; may it make us courageous in trying ways of sharing and mission".

Ask selves if live faith with hostility says at general audience

Ideological purists adore dogma not God says Pope

Purist ideologues of the Church "adore dogma and not God", Pope Francis told his weekly general audience in St Peter's Square on Wednesday. "We must ask ourselves if we life faith with hostility for others", he said.

Respect history, culture, good lifestyles Francis urges bishops

Pope Francis opens synod on Amazon, says 'approach on tip-toe'

Pope Francis on Monday opened the Catholic Church's Synod of Bishops on the Amazon urging the synod fathers "to approach Amazon peoples on tip-toes, respecting their history, their culture, and their style of good living".

Universiade 2019

Universiade: Napoli 2019 documentary to be screened Wednesday

30-minute film shows faces, places, emotions of World Uni Games


Universiade furniture donated to civil protection dept

IT equipment and other leftover supplies also handed over


Universiade: mini-rugby at Boscotrecase

Local stadium's field was restored for 2019 Universiade