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FTSE Italia All-Share Index1.87%+
FTSE Italia Mid Cap Index0.81%+
FTSE Italia STAR Index1.10%+
FTSE MIB Index2.03%+


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Dollaro USA1.2005-
Lira sterlina0.8627-
Franco svizzero1.0965-
Dollaro australiano1.551-
Dollaro canadese1.4731-
Dollaro di Hong Kong9.3267-


Role of Catholic teacher won't be 'DIY' any more

Pope creates the ministry of the 'catechist'

The Vatican said Wednesday that Pope Francis is creating the official role of the catechist, meaning that the people who give lessons on Catholic teaching in parishes will not longer be 'DIY'.

Real economy in crisis while financial markets booming - Francis

Regulate finance, speculation is unsustainable says pope

Pope Francis on Tuesday called on world leaders to regulate finance and rein in unbridled speculation which he said had created an "unsustainable" situation.

Must show not probed for laundering, tax evasion

Pope issues new graft norms for Vatican officials

Employees must show not probed for laundering, tax evasion

Martyr,pioneer of inter-religious dialogue to be canonised May 3

Charles De Foucauld to become saint

Blessed Charles De Foucauld (1858-1916), a French aristocrat and religious who was one of the pioneers of dialogue with other cultures and religions, is set to become a saint, the Vatican said Monday. Pope Francis will canonise him and others on May 3, it said.

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