Cold case reopened after woman's bones found near Modena

Paola Landini, 44, went missing there nine years ago

(ANSA) - MODENA, MAY 6 - The cold case of a woman who disappeared nine years ago has been reopened after a woman's bones were found near Modena on Wednesday, local media said Thursday.
    The bones were found in an area of ravines near a shooting range at Sassuolo.
    They were found during a search for a 21-year-old man who disappeared last December, Alessandro Venturelli.
    Police now think the bones may belong to Paola Landini, a 44-year-old local woman who went missing in May 2012 in the area, in circumstances that have never been cleared up.
    The discovery was made by the SAER special alpine rescue and speleological team.
    Landini disappeared on the afternoon of May 15 2012 after spending the morning at the firing range.
    At the time she was living in the local town of Fiorano with her partner, the then director of the range.
    He car was found locked near the range with her personal effects inside including a wallet and two mobile phones, one of them unknown to her family. (ANSA).


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