Curfew could be changed on May 16 says Di Maio

'We want to get out of nightmare but it can't be free-for-all'

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 7 - Italy's 10 pm COVID curfew could be changed on May 16, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said Friday.
    The government is under rising pressure to put it back to midnight or scrap it altogether.
    "I think May 16 is a hopeful date to supersede the curfew, but obviously it won't be a free for all, we've seen what happens with that," Di Maio told La7 TV.
    "We all want to get out of this nightmare. The issue is to supersede the curfew but not to have to return to it in a few months.
    "It's not just the case for Italy. Now we must face the summer and let vaccinated foreign tourists come to Italy". (ANSA).


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