One in 3 beach establishments not respecting law

Health cops conduct campaign of checks focusing on COVID rules

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 4 - A campaign of checks at 886 Italian beach establishments showed that one in three are failing to respect the law, the Carabinieri NAS health police said on Wednesday.
    The checks focused on compliance with the COVID-19 rules, such as the distance between beach umbrellas, the use of temperature-taking systems and the availability of hand gel dispensers.
    The NAS said 21 establishments were closed after serious offenses were uncovered at them during the checks.
    In Italy privately run beach establishments rent out loungers and provide life guards and services such as showers.
    They usually have a bar or a restaurant.
    Much of the best areas of Italy's coastline are taken up by such establishments, which limits options for people who just want to throw down a towel on the sand and have a day at the beach for free. (ANSA).


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