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50% of coffee-cultivation land at risk by 2050 says Andrea Illy

Climate change challenge is to focus on sustainability, quality says illycaffè chairman

(ANSA) - TRIESTE, DEC 2 - Andrea Illy, the chairman of illycaffè, told ANSA on Thursday that "it is forecast that 50% of the land where coffee can be cultivated will no longer be fit for the purpose between now and 2050" because of climate change.
    "Coffee is highly sensitive to climate change and the first thing to suffer the impact will be the quality, followed by quantity," he continued during the ceremony for the sixth Ernesto Illy International Coffee Award, the prize that illycaffè gives to the best sustainable coffee producer and which was won this year by India's Jumboor Estate.
    "So the big challenge will be to practise 'regenerative' agriculture and focus on quality.
    "The challenge we have before us will not just be managing to produce in the current conditions, which are increasingly adverse from the climate point of view, but also do it while increasing production to satisfy growing demand without resorting to the bad practices of the past, such as deforestation to make way for plantations, and do it while improving quality.
    "The challenge can be won via investments in plantations," he concluded.
    "I am convinced that we will do it and it will be a success".


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