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COVID-19: GIMBE reports 14% rise in deaths in 1 week

Intensive-care admissions up 22% says foundation

(ANSA) - ROME, DEC 2 - The number of new COVID-19 cases registered in Italy increased by 25.1% between November 24 and 30 with respect to the previous week, the GIMBE independent medical foundation said in its weekly coronavirus monitoring report.
    It said COVID-linked hospital admissions were up by 13.7% in a week and admissions of coronavirus sufferers to intensive-care units were up 22%.
    The number of COVID patents to die rose 14% to 498 in seven days.
    "For six consecutive weeks the number of weekly new cases has been increasing, with a daily average that has risen five-fold from 2,456 on October 15 to 12,345 on November 30," said GIMBE President Nino Cartabellotta.
    GIMBE also reported a big rise in the number of COVID-19 vaccinations in Italy.
    It said the number of people having their third dose was up 52.5% with respect to the previous week and those number having their first dose had risen by 34.7%. (ANSA).


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