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Journalist who was groped on live TV reports 'threats'

'I just want to return to normality' says Greta Beccaglia

(ANSA) - ROME, DEC 3 - A journalist who was groped on live TV by two Fiorentina fans has reported receiving threats after the fans were banned from sporting events.
    "I have been receiving very sad messages, swear words and even threats," said Toscana TV reporter Great Beccaglia.
    "I did nothing wrong, I just reported what everyone saw, I was doing my job as usual.
    "And now I just want to return to normality." Beccaglia expressed faith in the justice system to run its course after he incident outside an Empoli-Fiorentina Serie A game at the weekend.
    "I would like to be remembered as the girl who, if one day she reaches her working goal, will have reached it for her professionalism and not for what happened to me".
    The two fans, one living near Ancona in Marche and the other near Florence, received DASP bans from all Italian sporting events for three and two years respectively. (ANSA).


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