COVID: 99% of Italy set to be a white zone -Speranza

Battle is not over says health minister

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 16 - Health Minister Roberto Speranza said Wednesday that almost all of Italy will become a low-COVID-19-risk white zone when he revises the way regions are classed in the nation's tiered system of coronavirus restrictions on the bass of the new contagion data on Friday.
    At the moment about two-thirds of Italy is a white zone, where most of the nation's coronavirus restrictions can be dropped, except for the obligation to wear facemasks and respect physical distancing.
    "I insisted on having of gradual path (for the easing of restrictions), but on Friday we will probably have 99% of the country being a white zone," Speranza said at a convention organized by the national council of psychologist guilds (CNOP).
    "So we are objectively in a different phase.
    "But great care and constant work is still needed from all points of view to be equipped and organized because the battle is not over". (ANSA).


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