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Ethiopian femicide victim in Trentino presepe

Goat saviour Agitu Ideo Gudeta had been model of integration

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 29 - The Ethiopian victim of femicide who had won plaudits for saving a rare Trentino goat from extinction has earned a place of honour in a presepe or nativity scene in the northern Italian region.
    Agitu Ideo Gudeta, forced to leave Ethiopia after denouncing land grabbing, set up a farmholding to raise Pezzata Mòchena goats and became a model of entrepreneurial spirit, integration and inclusion.
    She was murdered by a male employee after refusing his advances on December 29 last year.
    Now she has been immortalised in a presepe in the small town of Ossana. (ANSA).


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