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Climate Crisis: impossible must become possible says Draghi

We must be 'open to everything' for Green transition - premier

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 30 - Premier Mario Draghi said Tuesday that facing the challenge of the climate crisis is not impossible if people have open minds about the solutions.
    "We have to be open to everything, imagine that what is impossible today can be possible tomorrow," Draghi said at an event entitled 'Labour and Energy for a Sustainable Transition (Lavoro ed Energia per una Transizione Sostenibile).
    "The panorama of innovations completed at every moment in the world is extraordinary.
    "There are no frontiers to our capacity to face this challenge, which is an essential one, but we have to work together.
    "In recent months we have agreed significant steps forward.
    "At the G20 summit in Rome we banned international public financing for new unabated coal power generation abroad by 2022.
    "At COP26 in Glasgow we reached an agreement to stop deforestation by the end of the decade.
    "Now it is important that all the countries respect these commitments.
    "The fight against climate change needs everyone's contribution to be effective". (ANSA).


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