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Migrants: Draghi wants 'more involvement' of EU States

Legal migrant flows are a resource says premier

(ANSA) - ROME, DEC 3 - Premier Mario Draghi on Friday called for greater sharing of the burden of the arrival of asylum seekers among EU States.
    "Migrant flows often have origins far from the sea," Draghi told the 'Rome Med-Mediterranean Dialogues' conference.
    "We cannot control migrant movements on our own.
    "Greater involvement of all the European countries, including in the Mediterranean, is needed.
    "Italy continues to promote progress towards collective European management (of migrant arrivals) with a balance between responsibility and solidarity".
    He said the aim should be to "protect the weakest with humanitarian corridors from the most vulnerable countries".
    He also stressed that is was necessary to "reinforce legal (migrant) flows, which are a resource and not a threat to our society". (ANSA).


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