Venice takes sustainability lead with Advantage Green Forum

Aiming for better, more competitive 'Made in Italy' - Confuorti

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With its lagoon and its complexity, Venice is bidding to be the driving force of ideas for a greener future. Sustainability, transparency and economy were the watchwords of a forum entitled "Uncharted waters: global economic perspectives and sustainability" that was held in the lagoon city as party of the Advantage.Green initiative, a marketplace that seeks to valorize the environment and sustainability. The annual round table makes it possible to reflect on sustainable consumption, digitalization, safety, water and global resources. Economists, entrepreneurs and politicians took turns on the stage - both in person and via streaming - to offer their contribution to a vision of a future built on a human scale. The choice of Venice as the venue was no coincidence, above all because of the city's high symbolic value in terms of the environment and sustainability. Indeed, the capital of the Veneto region is today showing all of its fragility, as recalled by Umberto Vattani, the president of the VIU (Venice International University), in his opening remarks. Kenyan Ambassador to Rome Jackline Yonga was the next person to speak. "65% of our population is made up of young people and so the issues linked to the economy and sustainability regard our country in particular," she said. Director of Office Ana Luiza Massot Thompson-Flores spoke on behalf of UNESCO. "The fragility of our society reminds us of the irreplaceable role nature and science play for the protection of the planet and its resources, with a global outlook," she said. The speakers included Societe Generale President Lorenzo Bini Smaghi. VIU Dean and Ca' Foscari University Professor Carlo Giupponi stressed that "sustainability is a concept that also expresses the need to respond to the challenge of the time in relation to the achievement of objectives". Harvard University's Andrei Shleifer also spoke about this issue. "In the near future there will be economic growth that, however, will have to go through an initial period linked to inflation," he commented. Advantage Green President Francesco Confuorti said that the forum was the 13th meeting of this kind and the second in Venice. "The issues tackled here at the Monaco & Grand Canal hotel are about water and transparency, because this is the basis for solutions for the sustainable revolution," Confuorti said. He also recalled the 'Advantage Green Venice international Sustainability Award', whose scientific committee is set to meet in Venice in September. "All firms of good will for a better, more competitive Made in Italy will be awarded prizes in December," he concluded.

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