Smoking rose during pandemic specially among women - IEO

Anxiety and depression levels increased, barriers to giving up

(ANSA) - MILAN, MAY 25 - Cigarette smoking rose during the COVID-19 pandemic especially among women, the European Oncology Institute (IEO) said Tuesday ahead of World Anti-Tobacco Day on May 31.
    "During the first phase of the pandemic there was an increase in the daily consumption of cigarettes, in particular among women," said IEO anti-smoking centre chief Gabriella Pravettoni.
    "The grave social and economic consequences, the heightened level of uncertainty and social isolation generated an increase in anxiety, fear, feelings of loneliness and depression, all barriers to giving up smoking," she said.
    However, smoking dipped slightly among the 18-34-year-olds and the 30-50-year-olds, especially as restrictions were eased, she added. (ANSA).


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