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North Macedonia: government and opposition divided

Unsuccessful Kovacevski-Mickoski. New protests in Skopje

03 July, 20:31
(ANSA) - BELGRADE, 03 LUG - In North Macedonia, government and opposition remain divided over whether to accept the new revised French proposal to override the Bulgarian veto and begin EU negotiations with Skopje. This emerged from a meeting today between their respective leaders-Premier Dimitar Kovacevski, head of the Social Democratic Party (Sdsm), and Hristijan Mickoski, leader of the conservative Vmro-Dpmne party, the main opposition force. For Kovacevski-as reported by regional media-the French proposal offers the last real chance to pave the way for negotiations on North Macedonia's accession to the EU, a historic moment comparable to the proclamation of independence and last years' agreement with Greece. Mickoski, on the other hand, reiterated his position that the Paris proposal is contrary to Macedonian national interests, does not guarantee the country's European future but on the contrary favors the "assimilation and Bulgarization" of the Macedonian population.

In favor of accepting the French document was President Stevo Pendarovski, for whom it is an acceptable compromise. A new protest demonstration against the French proposal was held in Skopje in the evening, organized by the oppositions under the slogan 'Ultimatum - No, thank you'. (ANSA).

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