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Focus on Higher education at 'Fvg-Austria: future to share'

Event by Mitteleuropa Associationan as part of Mittelfest

26 July, 11:21
(ANSA) - UDINE, JUL 26 - The future of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Austria, the scenarios of strategic institutional, political, and economic cooperation, but above all, higher education will be the main issues of "FVG - Austria: a future to share," an economic-cultural forum organized by the Mitteleuropa Association, as part of Mittelfest, taking place on Wednesday, July 27, at Villa de Claricini Dornpacher, in Bottenicco di Moimacco (Udine).

"The forum is dedicated to the most important recipients of our work: young people," underlined Paolo Petiziol, Mitteleuropa Association chairman. Indeed, the meeting will also discuss cooperation between universities, with a "synergy between the universities of Udine, Trieste and Nova Gorica, which has already begun." The cooperation, however, "may soon become a four-way effort also involving the University of Klagenfurt for a full-fledged cross-border higher education project," Petiziol explained. In addition, four members of the Austrian Parliament will also participate in the event.

A second panel will focus on border universities in the run-up to GO!2025. Roberto Pinton, Dean of the University of Udine, Bostjan Golob, Dean of the University of Nova Gorica, and Valter Sergo, vice-chancellor of the University of Trieste., will attend the meeting.

Speakers at the forum include Christian Scheider, Mayor of Klagenfurt, and Elena D'Orlando, Director of the Legal Sciences Department, University of Udine, who will explore real opportunities for collaboration and joint programming between the two universities. (ANSA).

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